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Company Foundation

Discuss: Business strategy, LLC, Incorporation, Trademarking, Copy write, Company Bank Account creation, How to increase your revenue stream.

Marketing / Advertising

Discuss: Your demographic, increasing your market share, where and when to place your product, touring / speaking engagements, and creating your dedicated marketing / advertising plan.

Content Review

Discuss: S.W.O.T. analysis, and assist in creating a direction to increase R.O.I. 

Project Creation

Discuss:  Professional Photography, Video, Audio, and Multi-stream advertising within Major respected Media Publications.


.Press Release creation

.Email Blast

.Marketing / Advertising plan Creation

. S.E.O

.Website Creation

.Graphic Creation

. Tour Booking

. Secure Interviews on Sirrus Radio, college radio, podcasts etc.

. Secure advertising in All Major Media Publications

. Social Media Management

. All Access Consultation ( all call returned within 24 hours)